Together but alone?

How To Get Your Relationship Back

Counselling can assist you to unlock the qualities that help you attract and develop fulfilling relationships

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Are you struggling with your relationship?


Amanda Woolveridge

I am an Avalon counsellor, psychotherapist and relationship counsellor in private practice on the northern beaches of Sydney, with over 20 years experience.

I work from my consulting room in a tranquil garden setting, which clients frequently describe as safe and welcoming.

I feel very privileged to meet with couples and individuals at stressful points in their lives and join with them in finding some comfort and new understandings.

Amanda Woolveridge

You long for the shelter
of a loving and safe relationship

Feeling misunderstood, not listened to

The exhaustion of continual bickering, never getting resolution

Not feeling safe to be who you are

An unsatisfying sex life

An inability to trust your partner or the relationship

A feeling of wanting to run away or ‘hide out’

Contempt, criticism and attack

Feeling alone and lonely

Not being your partner's advocate or vice versa

A lack of appreciation or acknowledgement

Defensiveness often having to justify

Inability to come together as one and find a compromise

If you are experiencing any of the above diffuculties, please keep reading ...

You Can Free Your Relationship

From the grip of these problems to create a loving shelter for each other

Through relationship counselling or marriage therapy, you can have:

Fondness, affection and friendship

Understanding of each other's triggers and how to deal with them

Effective conflict management: repairs after ruptures

Positive perspectives on being with each other

Fun and humour

Renewed sexual satisfaction with your partner

Life dreams that come true

Shared meanings

An appreciation of each other's values and philosophies

An advocate rather than an adversary